Rules & Regulations

Local Audi quattro Cup Tournaments
  • Each golfer is only allowed to participate in one local tournament per year
  • Each player must have an active handicap governed by the Golf Association of each country
  • Countries in which no handicaps are governed by the local Golf Associations, the "Peoria" * handicap format system has to be applied
  • Maximum handicap per player: 36 (index); maximum handicap per team: 56 (index)
  • Maximum handicap difference between both players: 20 (index)
  • The participants must either be members of the hosting golf club or invited by the organiser
  • The Audi quattro Cup cannot be played on a par–3 course, but can be played on a 9 - hole course
  • Additional rules & regulations can be applied by each individual country for their Audi quattro Cup tournaments

* For further information about the "Peoria" handicap format system, please contact

Game Modus

Select drive alternate shot (Greensome Stableford)

Both players hit a tee shot. The best shot is selected, and the player whose ball was not selected hits the next shot. The team alternates shots until the ball is holed. Each ball must be played as it lies, and the ball that is selected may not be switched during the remainder of the hole.
The scoring in Stableford competitions is made by points awarded in relation to a fixed score:

More than one over fixed score or no score returned: 0
One over fixed score: 1
Fixed score: 2
One under fixed score: 3
Two under fixed score: 4
Three under fixed score: 5

The team who scores the highest number of points wins the tournament.

Countries that are not playing the Audi quattro Cup format (Greensome Stableford) in their qualification tournaments can still register a winning team to the World Final, however, due to reasons of fairness to all other teams, this team will only be able to play out of competition in the Audi quattro Cup World Final.


The player with the lower course handicap is allowed 60 percent of his course handicap. The player with the higher course handicap is allowed 40 percent of his course handicap. The maximum course handicap difference between both players cannot be higher than 20.


The winning team of each regional Audi quattro Cup final is eligible to participate in the National Final. This award is non-transferrable. The minimum age is 18 years. The maximum handicap is 36.0 (index) for individual players and the maximum cumulative handicap is 56.0 (index) for the team. The players must submit an updated proof of their handicap (certified by the individual’s local golf club) to the tournament director.
A reduction of any individual’s handicap to the required maximum handicap is not permitted.


The net scores are converted into Stableford points. The team with most Stableford points wins. In the event of a tie the better net score of handicap holes 1-18 in that order will decide the winner.

The selection of holes takes place in accordance with the course’s handicap holes, with the most difficult hole followed by the second most difficult hole, etc. If there is still a tie, the winner will be determined by coin toss.

If countries are using different score card playoff rules than indicated in the rules & regulations of the Audi quattro Cup tournament series, it is permitted to use these playoff rules for the regional or qualifying tournament(s), as long as it is indicated and posted under “Local Rules” in the “Rules & Regulations” section of your tournament invitation.

Competition committee: Director of Golf of the local golf cub, Head Golf Professional of the local golf club and an Audi representative.

Audi quattro Cup Champion

Winners of the first, second and third prize in the net division.

Attention: only the team that wins first place is invited to the national final.

Extra awards (optional):

  • Winner of the first gross prize 
  • Longest Drive Ladies
  • Longest Drive Men
  • Nearest To The Pin
Tee Times

This information will be provided at the golf course.

End of Competition

The competition ends after the award ceremony is over and the result list has been published. 

Participation Conditions

Each Audi quattro Cup tournament, local, national or international, is a team competition. Each team consists of two players who will also have to play together in the national and international final.