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Audi quattro Cup 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where will an Audi quattro Cup take place in my area?

Tournament data can be found under your country page, menu item "Calender", where all participant countries are listed together with the tournaments hosted by the Audi dealers.

Country Selection

How and where can I sign up for the Audi quattro Cup?

If you are interested in participating in an Audi quattro Cup tournament, please contact your Audi dealer.

Do I have to be a customer of my local Audi dealer to participate in the Audi quattro Cup?

This differs between hosting dealers. Please contact your local Audi dealer.

What are the eligibility requirements for the Audi quattro Cup?

The Audi quattro Cup is a team competition. Each team consists of two players. The maximum handicap is 36 (index) per player and 56 (index) per team. The handicap difference between the players in a team must not exceed 20.

Can I select my tournament partner at the Audi quattro Cup?

Your Audi dealer can provide you with the answer to this question. 

I have no tournament partner. How can I be assigned a partner?

In case of an invitational tournaments, your Audi dealer in conjunction with the hosting golf club will do the assignments and pairings.

In how many regional Audi quattro Cup tournaments am I allowed to play?

Each participant is eligible to play in one regional tournament per year only. 

Which costs arise when participating in a regional Audi quattro Cup?

Please contact your Audi dealer for this information.

How can I qualify for the country final?

The winning team of each regional Audi quattro Cup tournament is eligible to participate in the country final. This participation cannot be transferred. The minimum age is 18. The participants must submit current proof of their handicaps to the tournament management. In the case of only one Audi quattro Cup tournament being held in your country, the winning team will advance directly to the Audi quattro Cup World Final.

When and where does the country final take place?

Information is provided on the country pages  of the Audi quattro Cup, where all participant countries are listed with their tournament data and country finals.

How can I qualify for the world final?

The winning teams of the country final qualify for the world final. If there are more than 60 regional tournaments in a country, two teams may qualify for the world final. However, the respective Audi importer of the participating country decides whether one or two teams will qualify for the Audi quattro Cup World Final.

When and where will the world final take place?

The Audi quattro Cup World Final 2023 will be staged inMuscat, Oman from November 10,–14, 2023

Will the travel to the country or world final be organised for me?

Yes, the Audi importers will organise registration, flight- and hotel booking, as well as transfers for the qualified participants. If you have any questions regarding travel plans to the world final, please contact the respective Audi importer in your country. The contact information is available from your Audi dealer.

Am I allowed to take a companion along to the country final?

Please contact your Audi dealer.

Am I allowed to take a companion along to the world final?

Qualified participants are generally allowed to bring a companion to the Audi quattro Cup World Final. However, the travel expenses are not part of the prize awarded to the winning team. Please contact your Audi dealer or Audi importer about further details.

Will I play with the same partner in the final tournaments as well?

Yes, only the same team, that has qualified together for the country final can be admitted to the world final. 

What happens if my tournament partner cannot participate without any fault of his own/on short notice?

Please contact your Audi dealer about this.

Will the team score count at all times, or is there also an individual score?

There is only a team score. Additionally, there are special prizes as follows:

  1.  Gross (Team)
  2. Longest Drive (Individual)
  3. Nearest To The Pin (Individual)

Where can I view the tournament rules for all tournaments?

The tournament rules for all regional tournaments can be found on this page, the tournament rules for all national tournaments can be found here.

Additionally, please note that additional special and local rules may apply. These may be determined by the organiser and are mentioned in the invitation documents.