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Audi quattro Cup 2024

The largest tournament series in the world for amateur golfers

33 countries, close to 600 tournaments

The Audi quattro Cup stands as the world's largest amateur golf tournament series, hosting a global family of around 70,000 golfers across 38 countries. Since its inception in 1991, Audi dealers worldwide have been hosting thrilling golf tournaments, with an estimated 620 events in 2024. This unique series not only offers a platform for golf enthusiasts but also provides winning teams the chance to compete in national finals and, ultimately, the World Final. For updated information on regional tournament venues, refer to the ongoing country selection updates.


From Germany around the world: the largest amateur golf tournament

The Audi quattro Cup, established in Germany in 1991, has expanded to 38 countries. Originating with 51 tournaments and 6,000 golfers in Germany, it now draws around 70,000 participants annually worldwide. Over the past 33 years, more than 2.1 million golfers have engaged in Audi quattro Cup tournaments, reflecting its remarkable global growth.

Venue of the World Final 2024

The venue and dates of the 2024 Audi quattro Cup World Final will be announced end of February 2024.