A partnership built with performance:
TaylorMade and Audi

TaylorMade Golf, founded in 1979 by Gary Adams, has led the golf industry’s technical evolution and is a leading manufacturer of high-performance golf equipment and golf balls. The company’s mission has always remained the same: Create the Best Performing Golf Products in the World. With industry-leading innovations like Twist Face and products like M3 and M4 metalwoods, P700 Series irons and TP5/TP5X golf balls TaylorMade Golf products have been used to win hundreds of professional golf tournaments around the world and is the choice of some of the world’s best players including Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, Jason Day, Justin Rose, Jon Rahm and Tiger Woods.

Twist Face™ Technology Delivers Straight Distance with Most Advanced Face Technology in Company History TaylorMade Golf, makers of the #1 Driver in Golf and the winningest drivers on the PGA TOUR in 2017* with its M1 & M2 drivers, have shifted the paradigm of golf club engineering with the introduction of the M3 & M4 metalwoods, highlighted by the company’s breakthrough innovation – Twist Face technology.

Reimagining traditional driver face design, TaylorMade’s Twist Face technology is truly the first of its kind. Twist Face, featured in both the new M3 & M4 drivers, is TaylorMade’s solution to counteract golfers’ most common misses, more specifically, those resulting from the high toe and low heel impacts.

To counteract the high-toe miss (a hook), the driver face has been ‘twisted’ open (loft increased & face opened) on the high-toe to help straighten ball flight. Similarly, to counteract the low-heel miss (a slice) the driver face has been twisted closed to de-loft and close the face in the low heel area. Ultimately, TaylorMade’s Twist Face technology delivers a corrective face angle when hit off-centre for longer, straighter shots.

TaylorMade is the official ball partner of the Audi Quattro Cup offering breakthrough Performance with the New TP5 and TP5x Golf Balls
Engineered to Perform with Every Club, Patented 5-Layer Ball Construction Delivers the Most Complete Tour Ball on the Market

TaylorMade Golf Company, an industry leader in product innovation and technology, today announced the release of its 2017 golf ball line-up, highlighted by the two new models: TP5 and TP5x. For the first time, two golf balls incorporate 5-layer construction to actively improve or increase driver/iron distance, control and spin without sacrificing any industry leading greenside performance.

The unique advantage for both TP5 and TP5x starts with proprietary 5-layer ball construction. In traditional golf balls with 3 or 4 layers, golfers are forced to settle for high wedge performance at the expense of distance, or more driver/iron distance at the expense of losing control and feel around the greens. TP5 and TP5x feature varying 5-layer constructions, whereby each ball maximises driver and iron distance while also delivering best in class wedge performance and greenside spin.